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EcoEnviro is a private consulting company, based in the Hunter Valley of NSW, specializing in contract project development and management of renewable energy projects. EcoEnviro has been directly involved in the development and approval of over 3000MW of wind energy projects, from greenfield site assessment through to full permitting.


Dr Richard Finlay-Jones

PO BOX 3009
Merewether NSW
2291 Australia

Mob: 0414 555 864


Wind and solar energy project development
EcoEnviro offers wind project management services in:

• Site assessment and location prospecting
• Resource assessment
• Land security
• Landholder liaison
• Community consultation and engagement
• Local, state and federal government liaison consultation
• Permitting and Development Application

Land management services
EcoEnviro offers land management services in:

•  Landholder liaison and consultation
•  Land assessment and acquisition
•  Property management mapping
•  Property management planning

Biomass/Green Energy
EcoEnviro offers project management services in::

• Site assessment
• Feasibility studies
• Economic analysis
• Species evaluation

Carbon Sequestration 
EcoEnviro has experience and skills in plantation research and development for carbon sequestration. Our services include:
•  Site assessment and evaluation
•  Tree species selection and advice
•  Tree management and silviculture
•  Plantation monitoring and reporting
•  Carbon measurement and verification

Emission Reduction Strategies
EcoEnviro assists in the preparation of emission reduction strategies focusing on the individual needs and resources of organizations. Such strategies may incorporate the use of:

• Energy efficiency training
• Energy efficiency technologies
• Renewable energy technologies
• Carbon offsets

Forest management services 
EcoEnviro offers forest management services in:

•  Land assessment
•  Species suitability assessment
•  Plantation planning and establishment
•  Forest establishment and management
•  Monitoring and reporting
•  Carbon sequestration assessment

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